Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The fashion behind African Traditional wear

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by Traditional African attire. All the different fabrics, patters, colors and shapes always caught my eyes from an early ages of being a little girl in church. 
I would always look forward to church on Sunday because I was eager to see what new gowns and headpieces the ladies at church would be wearing, from then I  knew that my passion for clothes and fashion was born.
For me, African Traditional clothing is more than just fabric. It tells a story of our roots as African, it shows how proud we are of who we are but it also reflects the ability and beauty of all our talents. 
My Grandmother has always been a seamstress so a lot of ladies at church would often come to her for their traditional gowns. At times I would sit with her by the sewing machine and help her with cutting fabrics and measuring clients and its safe to say that I was a natural, well according to my Grandmother anyway but hey what else is she meant to say? perhaps she was just using me 

I knew from then on that clothes would be a part of who I am, from the way they make you feel to the way they make you look, I loved everything about it. What attracted me the most to it all was the togetherness the clothes brought and still brings in the church community. Its simply fascinating how looking good and creating colorful clothing can bring people together so well, a simple piece of fabric can hold so much history and love that puts everything into perspective. 

                                This Image is a perfect example of the beauty behind African clothing. The quality of the fabric is so rich and full of life. This brings out the beauty in any woman.

                                                  This Headpiece is a traditional head wear in Nigeria called 'Gele'. It is worn during traditional gatherings and functions and there is a unique technique used to tie it. Amazing right?

 The make up on this woman is so perfect as it complements her traditional wear so well. This is her on her wedding day, so it shows that African women are proud to adorn their traditional wear at all important events in their lives. Her dress has a modern twist to it with the added lace and diamante embroidery.
Over the years, African Clothing has evolved so much that it is not only an attire that is to be worn only at traditional functions and parties, but has become a cool fashion statement for anyone that wants to be seen as edgy, trendy and stylish. Many Celebrities such as Rihanna, Solange Knowles and Beyonce have been seen out wearing African print inspired outfits with an urban twist. 
For anyone that loves fashion and clothes, it is pretty much obvious what make African outfits desirable and unique. It is hardly possible for you to find someone wearing a similar outfit to yourself as each outfit has a personal twist to it, almost as if you can express your personality through clothing which is the desired effect for any fashion lover and trend setters out there

Rihanna and Solange Knowles in African print

This is a perfect example of how African clothing can look so versatile and fashionable. It doesn't have to be boring and 'Old school' but rather trendy and fashionable as you can see  

               How Fabulous does singer Kellis look in this African print dress? Love it!

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